Watch out for this! 3 important things about your dog's health

by 31 Aug,2020


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The Royal Veterinary College in London published the results of a recent study, which examined nearly half a million dogs.


The study focused on the most common diseases that can affect the health and well-being of dogs:

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1) One of the diseases is obesity. People worry about the food of their dog, however, once the puppy becomes an adult dog, if the care in their feeding was not adequate, the consequences can be alarming.


Over 50% of dogs and cats are classified as overweight or obese in the U.S. and the situation in the United Kingdom, Australia, and really anywhere else in the world is not much different. 

So a large proportion of dogs are overweight. 


Now, what can we do about it? 


It is important that you consult your vet and establish the difference between ideal and actual weight, among other factors. Giving them a constant amount of food is important, and, as indicated by your vet, vary that amount.


Another thing you can do is to avoid high-energy treats, following your vet's directions. Talk to them about the amount you're giving them. 


Overweight dogs have a reduced life expectancy of up to two years. So that's a big part of your dog's life you could miss out on because they're overweight. 


2) Another disease is related to the dental area, and the ideal time to acquire good habits with this is when your dog is still a puppy; brushing his teeth is also the best thing you can do to keep his teeth clean and his mouth healthy.


Then, when your dog is a puppy he will be able to accept these habits as normal. Ask your vet about the best way to do this.


Dental disease has been linked to things like kidney failure, liver disease, heart failure, and therefore can have a negative impact on your dog's pain and comfort levels. Then, the final condition with the biggest impact on a dog's well-being is arthritis.


Getting into good habits is important to help reduce the chance of developing arthritis, for example. 


Regular short exercises are much better than occasional long walks and really intense workouts. 


3) Another important situation to highlight is the many small traumatic events. If we can reduce them, we can maintain joint health much better. 


Identifying the signs of pain in your puppy and dog so that you can act early is often of great value, as well as recognizing the normal aspects of your dog's life stages.

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