Discover what your puppy does to your brain

by 31 Aug,2020


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Puppies are furry friends. Have you ever thought about how having one affects you?


Our journey with dogs began about 45,000 years ago, according to the latest archaeological evidence, and we began to notice that dogs certainly live with us.

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It seems that living with us humans has had some effect on dogs' biology and physiology; and that's what allowed them to become one of our best friends.


How does this relationship work


There is a neurochemical - psychological - behavioral feedback system that is established between the puppy and its owner.


Puppies usually reflect the treatment that the owner gives them, however, some researchers argue that puppies are more generous than we think.


When they wag their tail and get excited to see you come home. If you have a cat instead of a puppy, you will notice that it will be purring. Both puppies and cats pay more attention than we imagine.


When you are the best they have seen and they are treated well, this relationship develops only if you have earned it


Do dogs work in therapy


Yes, they can help once they are trained. For example, the Warrior Canine Connection program works with service members and veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.


Some people say that thanks to the help of the dog in therapy, they feel more relaxed, or that their level of sleep has improved.


In this sense, in general, what happens in a person's body when they are accompanied by a puppy with whom they have a healthy relationship?


According to some studies, low heart rate, low blood pressure, improves the response to stress; excellent anti-stress chemicals are naturally released in the brain - of the owner and the puppy.


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